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Announcing a New VBS—"The Bible is God's Word: Digging For Answers"

by  Dave Miller, Ph.D.

Three years ago, in response to numerous requests from churches and individuals over the years, A.P. released its first VBS curriculum. The topic of the VBS is “God’s Creation,” and the reception has been phenomenal—with hundreds of churches taking advantage of it. We are now pleased to release our second VBS—in plenty of time for the summer. Working once again in conjunction with our good friends at Little Acorn, this VBS is titled “The Bible is God’s Word.” The reliability and inspiration of Scripture are covered, including how we know the Bible has been transmitted accurately down through the ages. Young people of all ages will have their confidence in the Bible bolstered. Materials for teens and adults are included. You might want to consider urging your church to use one of our VBS curricula this summer.

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