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Don’t Quarantine Yourself from Spiritual Nourishment!

by  Dave Miller, Ph.D.

As our nation experiences the occurrence of a threatening virus and the unusual call for everyone to quarantine themselves from social gatherings—including worship services—Christians need to be reminded not to distance themselves from ongoing spiritual nourishment. The Web site of Apologetics Press is loaded with a variety of enriching materials to maintain one’s spiritual health. In addition to a host of free articles, the site offers free access to both Reason & Revelation as well as our kids’ magazine Discovery. Also, the “Multimedia” section of our site contains a great many videos that may be viewed for free. What’s more, our “PDF Books” section has some 25 books that may be downloaded—also free of charge. We even offer a free curriculum. In the “Other Languages” section of our site, you may access AP materials that have been translated into eight languages in addition to English. Further, we have an entire Web site that is packed with materials offered in Spanish. Simply click on “Version en Espanol” on our home page. We also offer several study materials via our “Home Study Courses”—also listed on our home page. A variety of additional free resources are available as well. Although the physical safety of relatives, neighbors, and ourselves is of serious concern to us, let’s remember that our spiritual health, safety, and nourishment are of far more eternal importance.

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