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Christian Evidences Summer Camps

by  Eric Lyons, M.Min.

What will your children do this summer that will have a positive impact on their souls? What eternally important activities will they be involved in? Will they spend their summer glued to televisions, iPads, video games, and cell phones, or will they take the time to “grow in the grace and knowledge” of God?

Why not encourage your children and the youth of your local congregation to seize the summer and attend one of Apologetics Press’ soul-strengthening Christian Evidences summer camps, as they fellowship with Christians from around the country?


Dates and Themes

“Defending the Reliability of the Bible”

June 10-15 (Indian Creek Youth Camp)


“The Existence of God”

June 24-29 (Backwoods Christian Camp)



Directors and Teachers

I will be directing the June 10-15 week of camp at Indian Creek Youth Camp (ICYC) in Oakman, Alabama (approximately 40 miles northwest of Birmingham). Ben Thompson of Meridianville, Alabama will direct the June 24-29 week of camp at Backwoods Christian Camp (BCC) in Lineville, AL (approximately 80 miles east of Birmingham). Ben is a long-time youth director and is heavily involved in foreign missions. [NOTE: Although A.P. is not directing this week of camp, we are providing the teachers and speakers each day during the class time, as well as for the nightly lectures.]

Teachers for these two weeks of camp include Kyle Butt, Dave Miller, Jeff Miller, and myself. Some of the speakers for the second week of camp (on “The Existence of God”) will be A.P. scientists, including Dr. Jeff Miller (biomechanical engineer), Dr. Joe Deweese (biochemist), Dr. Jerry Fausz (aerospace engineer), and Dr. Mike Houts (nuclear engineer).

Some of those teaching the younger-age classes include A.P. support staff members such as Rob Baker and Rhonda Thompson, as well as a few preachers and youth directors that are close friends and supporters of the work at A.P.


Other Camp Information

The camps are for 3rd-12th graders. The week at ICYC (June 10-15) costs $135 each. (All checks are to be made to ICYC.) You can register your children on-line at, or you can print an application from their Web site and mail it to them.

The A.P. week at Backwoods costs $120. (All checks are to be made to BCC). You can register your children for this week by going to, printing off an application, and mailing it to them.


Feedback (from previous A.P. Camps)

  • “Just returned from the Apologetics Press Camp…. It was a great week with scientists and faithful Christians that helped to reinforce that God is the Creator of all things!”
  • “I just want you to know that my 14 year old son and my 11 year old daughter talked non-stop to the car, in the car, from the car, through lunch, through the unloading process, through the first load of laundry, about their absolutely awesome week of camp!”
  • “A thousand thanks to…all the members of the A.P. staff who worked diligently to provide an outstanding week [of camp]. My children talked non-stop when they arrived home about their experiences. We will not know the degree of impact on all participants this side of eternity.”

With the Lord’s blessings, we expect these weeks of camp to fill to capacity. (The camp sites will hold approximately 200 campers each.) Registration is first come, first serve. If you would like to know more about A.P.’s summer camps, please call 334-272-8558.

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