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Is a Homosexual Lifestyle Safe?

by  Dave Miller, Ph.D.
Brad Harrub, Ph.D.


Is a homosexual lifestyle safe?


Living a homosexual lifestyle is far from “safe.” In fact, homosexuals experience a shorter lifespan than heterosexuals—a fact that is not often reported in the national press. In an effort to estimate the life expectancy of homosexuals, Paul Cameron and his colleagues reviewed 6,714 obituaries from sixteen United States homosexual journals (1993). They then compared those results to obituaries from two conventional newspapers. Cameron and his colleagues reported the following results:

Median Age of Death
Heterosexuals Homosexuals*
married men 75, 80% died old 39 if AIDS was the cause (1% died old)
unmarried men 57, 32% died old 42 in non-AIDS cases (< 9% died old)
married women 79, 85% died old  
unmarried women 71, 60% died old  
* In the 6,714 homosexual obituaries

Yet, according to the Center for Disease Control, the average life expectancy rate in the United States is 77.2 (according to 2001 data). Thus, the average homosexual (without AIDS) dies 35.2 years earlier.

Cameron, et al., also demonstrated that if the person had not died of AIDS, homosexuals faced a great deal more violence than their heterosexual counterparts. They discovered that homosexuals died:

  • 10 times more often in accidents
  • 17 times more frequently in traffic
  • 26 times more often from suicide
  • 87 times more from murder
  • 23 times more often from heart attacks (compared to white men aged 25-44)

Cameron and his colleagues presented their findings at the Eastern Psychological Association, concluding that homosexuals do not live to old age, when compared to non-homosexual counterparts. Their study clearly established that homosexuals experience shorter life spans compared to heterosexuals.


Cameron, Paul, William L. Playfair, and Stephen Wellum (1993), “The Homosexual Lifespan,” paper presented at Eastern Psychological Association, April 17.

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