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Creation Vs. Evolution

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In the News: Hollywood's Influence on the Creation/Evolution Controversy

by  Brad Harrub, Ph.D.

Once again, Hollywood has turned its lights and cameras onto the creation/evolution controversy. PBS launched the first melée with its series, Evolution. This seven-part series was a colossal extravaganza of glitter and drama, but was sadly misleading. (For a full refutation revealing the misinformation portrayed in the series, see the Answers In Genesis Web site (

The next feature was a “documentary” (their term, not mine—BH) on “The Real Eve” that premiered April 21 on the Discovery Channel. The producers of this series filmed footage that left viewers with the impression that photographers were able to travel backwards in time to Africa in order to obtain actual footage of the woman referred to as “genetic Eve.” Mapping out mutations using mitochondrial DNA (which is passed on to offspring only by the mothers, not the fathers), evolutionary scientists have concluded that everyone outside of Africa descended from the same small band of humans that left the African continent some 150,000 years ago. This is not the first time evolutionists have poked fun at the biblical account of creation using the name “Eve” as a designation for a common ancestor. To find out the truth regarding this mitochondrial “Eve” see Trevor Major’s article, “Who is this Eve?” on our Web site ( [In addition, look for a full review of “Genetic Eve” in an upcoming issue of Reason & Revelation.]

The most recent series Hollywood has produced was a Hallmark miniseries titled Dinotopia, featuring an island where dinosaurs and humans live together. While we applaud the promotion of the fact that humans and dinosaurs coexisted, and while many no doubt will find the series entertaining, we must point out that the show was written intentionally to be viewed as a fantasy—not reality. Reviewers have been quick to point out that this is a fabricated world that never existed (think “Gulliver’s Travels”). Evolutionists, of course, express great disdain for such an idea, even if it is “fabricated.” Those of us at Apologetics Press strongly encourage parents and grandparents to assume a proactive role in educating and monitoring what their children and grandchildren absorb—whether it is from television, magazines, or even school textbooks. The adage, “garbage in, garbage out” is true. And unfortunately, many of our youngsters are losing their souls because of Hollywood hype.

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