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Creation Vs. Evolution

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by  Dave Miller, Ph.D.
Brad Harrub, Ph.D.

That time of year is once again upon us—when big yellow school buses fill city streets, and excited college students assess how much “stuff” from home they can cram into a small dorm room. School is back in session. With a new school year comes new academic projects and extensive research papers. While we cannot eliminate all the painstaking and arduous hours spent on research papers, we can ease that pain by offering valuable aids and resources.

Apologetics Press has become a clearing house for individuals looking for good information in areas related to the Bible and science. Parents, students, and teachers are encouraged to take full advantage of the free resource materials available online ( Our Web site averages well over 200,000 hits per month from individuals all over the world who are seeking high quality, well-researched material. In addition, if students have questions, or cannot find what they are looking for, our professional staff is always happy to lend a helping hand. We are here to serve.

This year we anticipate a dramatic increase in debate on the creation/evolution controversy. From the President’s comments supporting Intelligent Design to countless court cases, people are questioning evolutionary dogma. Simply put, the theory has not lived up to its oft’-alleged status as “fact.” Increased interest will undoubtedly stimulate more research papers and additional school projects. We trust that you will consider Apologetics Press your #1 source for information.

Commenting on the current environment that students are facing in today’s classroom, Utah Senator D. Chris Buttars observed:

The argument over classroom discussion of evolution vs. divine design is just the latest attack on everything that would mention a belief in God. If you talk against Darwinian evolution in the classroom, you immediately incur the rage of those who don’t want God discussed in any way, shape or form. These vehement critics claim that there are mountains of scientific proof that man evolved from some lower species also related to apes. But in this tremendous effort to support Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, in all these “mountains of information,” there has not been any scientific fossil evidence linking apes to man (2005).

Consider the following even bolder declaration by Buttars:

The trouble with the “missing link” is that it is still missing! In fact, the whole fossil chain that could link apes to man is also missing! The theory of evolution, which states that man evolved from some other species, has more holes in it than a crocheted bathtub. I realize that is a dramatic statement, so to be clear, let me restate: There is zero scientific fossil evidence that demonstrates organic evolutionary linkage between primates and man (emp. added).

Buttars is absolutely correct! It is our hope and prayer that young people all over our nation will discover this truth for themselves. We stand ready to do all we can to ensure that future generations learn the truth: they were created in the image and likeness of God. We are committed to producing quality materials for all ages to that end. In fact, in the very near future we will be announcing a brand-new children’s science book, co-authored by Kyle Butt and Eric Lyons, titled Truth Be Told. This valuable resource will be available for teachers and parents to aid in their quest to instruct students concerning their origin. The time has come for our children to learn that the reason the missing link is still missing is because it never existed in the first place!


Buttars, D. Chris (2005), “Evolution Lacks Fossil Link,” USA Today, [On-line], URL: rials/2005-08-08-oppose_x.htm, August 9.

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