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HRH the Prince of Wales, Apologetics Press, and the Big Bang Theory

by  Bert Thompson, Ph.D.
Brad Harrub, Ph.D.

Somewhat ironically, on the very same day that Part I of our scientific critique of the Big Bang Theory was being printed, His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales, officially opened the newly refurbished Lovell Radio Telescope, which is located at the University of Manchester’s Jodrell Bank Observatory in Cheshire, England. The three-year multi-million dollar upgrade is expected to provide resolution that will exceed even the Hubble Space Telescope. The Lovell telescope—the second largest fully steerable radio telescope in the world—has been probing the depths of space since 1957, trying to provide answers to questions about the Universe in which we live. As might be expected, this refurbishment was unveiled with a great deal of pomp and circumstance.

Not having any princes or Hollywood stars close at hand, we at Apologetics Press therefore have decided to solicit your help in an effort to help us commemorate the “landmark achievement” of the publication of our three-part critique of the Big Bang Theory. We would like to see copies of the May, June, and July issues of Reason & Revelation make their way into the hands of all high school and college students, so that they know the Big Bang Theory has serious and insurmountable problems. The initial research for this series of articles was carried out by Branyon May, one of our summer interns. Since then, it has undergone numerous additions, revisions, and corrections to ensure that we “got it right.” And if the responses we received from the reviewers is any indication, we did indeed “get it right.”

We realize that for some individuals, the first two articles in this series will be a bit too scientific or a bit too technical for their taste. But we knew that going into the project. We ask that you please bear with us, and understand one of our overall objectives. We wanted to produce a definitive critique of the Big Bang Theory, detailing both scientific and biblical reasons why faithful Christians should not believe in this evolution-based concept. We also wanted to produce a critique of the highest quality—one that high school and college students could give to their teachers and/or professors whenever this topic came up in classroom settings.

It is with a great deal of humility, and yet, what we hope is a justifiable amount of pride, that we unveil the fruits of our collective labors, and ask you to help us “spread the word.” We are printing extra copies of each article in this series, and want to get them into the hands of those who are interested and who might need them in the future. We hope you will act as our spokespersons, and tell your friends, neighbors, coworkers, and family members about this special issue (and the two that are yet to follow). Feel free to copy the link(s) to the article(s) and send them to those on your e-mail lists, in order to let them know about the existence of this information on our Web site, and the fact that hard copies also are available. [Call us toll free at 800/234-8558 for information on pricing and availability.] The direct link to the article is: Thank you, in advance, for helping us commemorate this special series. Stay tuned. More is yet to come—as it always is from the offices of Apologetics Press.

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