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In the News: Reflections on the 2003 International Conference on Creationism

by  Brad Harrub, Ph.D.

“We are making a difference.” These words, delivered by Dr. John Morris, came during a keynote address on the future of the creation movement. Last month, creationists from all over the world gathered in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, to share knowledge and learn the latest scientific information regarding the creation model. Top researchers in their field presented the most recent scientific data on the global flood, dating methods, creation astronomy, the geologic column, etc.

The theme of the 2003 International Conference on Creationism was “the development and systemization of the creation model of origins.” Researchers stressed the importance, not only of attacking the weaknesses of evolution, but also having a good scientific model to take its place. For several decades, creationism has been viewed by the media (and evolutionists) as more “religion” than science. With the advances that creation researchers are making in their respective fields, that characterization no longer will hold true. Editor Bob Ivey prepared the Proceedings of the Fifth ICC in both print and CD formats containing peer-reviewed papers from creation scientists. Print copies can be ordered from the following Web site:

A new area of study that is currently receiving a large amount of attention among creationists is the field of baraminology, which is the study and identification of God’s originally created kinds of organisms. A new baraminology study group is concentrating its efforts on using words properly to describe God’s creation. The current scientific method for classification and naming organisms is distorted due to evolutionary influence. Thus, the baraminology study group is redefining “living kinds”the way God originally created them.

How refreshing to see that, although the media continue to inundate society with evolutionary teachings, many individuals have analyzed the evidence, and have come to realize that neo-Darwinism does not stand up to the test. As James Coppedge remarked:

The growing evidence against evolution will eventually force American evolutionists to face the fact that the position is untenable. Some will then openmindedly explore the idea of creation, while others will doubtless persist in materialism at any cost.

Yes, we are making a difference, and we are offering individuals a real belief system!

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