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Apologetics Press Articles: Design in Animals

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"Burning Lights" of God's Creatures Jeff Miller, Ph.D. 10/5/2015
“Go to the Ant You Sluggard!” Eric Lyons, M.Min. 5/1/2006
“Thar She Blows!” Zach Smith 9/1/2003
20,000 Bees Under the Sun Caleb Colley, Ph.D. 3/1/2008
A Bare Tail Tale Caleb Colley, Ph.D. 1/1/2007
A Bat the Size of a Bee Kyle Butt, M.Div. 5/1/2012
A Beetle with a Bomb in its Belly Bert Thompson, Ph.D. 7/1/2001
A City of Fungus Farmers Kyle Butt, M.Div. 5/1/2006
A Fish Carwash Kyle Butt, M.Div. 6/1/2008
A Fish That Eats it’s “Vegetables” Kyle Butt, M.Div. 5/1/2003
A Lifesaving Mucous Cocoon Kyle Butt, M.Div. 1/1/2004
A Nearly Indestructible Creature Dave Miller, Ph.D. 10/1/2017
A Poisonous, Fat – Tailed, Bulldog – Biting Lizard Kyle Butt, M.Div. 3/1/2005
A Shocking Experience! Brad Harrub, Ph.D. 7/1/2001
A Solar-Powered Hornet Kyle Butt, M.Div. 10/2/2014
A Sponge with Fiber Optics Kyle Butt, M.Div. 1/1/2004
A Sponge with Fiber Optics Kyle Butt, M.Div. 5/1/2004
All Kinds of Amazing Skin Kyle Butt, M.Div. 4/1/2016
Amazing Tongues Eric Lyons, M.Min. 7/1/2014
Amazing Traveling Turtles Kyle Butt, M.Div. 6/1/2007
An Animal That "Sees" With its Ears! Bert Thompson, Ph.D. 10/1/2000
An Insect With a Built-In Camelbak? Jeff Miller, Ph.D. 8/1/2016
Anableps Anableps – the “Four – Eyed” Fish Bert Thompson, Ph.D. 3/1/2005
Ant Farmers and their Aphids Kyle Butt, M.Div. 9/1/2010
Antarctic Krill Dave Miller, Ph.D. 1/1/2016
Antifreeze, Fish, and Ice Cream Dave Miller, Ph.D. 1/1/2003
Apologetics Press Scientists Seminar AP Staff
Are Blind Cave Fish a Good Example of Organic Evolution? Bert Thompson, Ph.D.
Branyon May, Ph.D.
Are Diamondback Snakes Related to Other Rattlesnakes? Digger Doug 4/1/2009
Arms That See? Dave Miller, Ph.D. 5/1/2004
Atheists Admit Things Look Designed Kyle Butt, M.Div. 11/26/2012
Australia's Unique Animals Trevor Major, M.Sc., M.A. 1/1/1989
Autonomous Control of Creation Jeff Miller, Ph.D. 12/5/2011
Axolotl: The Strangest Salamander You've Ever Seen Kyle Butt, M.Div. 10/1/2017
Bacterial Antibiotic Resistance--Proof of Evolution? Bert Thompson, Ph.D. 8/1/1994
Bat “Vision” Caleb Colley, Ph.D. 11/1/2004
Bear Variety: Proof of an Infinite Creator Jeff Miller, Ph.D. 8/1/2017
Beavers' "Blueprints" Demand a Designer Eric Lyons, M.Min. 4/1/2015
Bee Flight Physics Dave Miller, Ph.D. 2/1/2006
Beetles Eric Lyons, M.Min. 3/1/2001
Beetles that Brighten the Night Eric Lyons, M.Min. 10/5/2015
Big Things Leap out of Small Packages Dave Miller, Ph.D. 5/1/2012
Biomimicry, Butterflies, and Bank Fraud Eric Lyons, M.Min. 6/21/2010
Blind, Biased Failure to See God Dave Miller, Ph.D. 10/25/2010
Blood Differences by Design Eric Lyons, M.Min. 12/1/2011
Blood Sucking Medicine Brad Harrub, Ph.D. 5/1/2003
Camouflaged Warriors of the Jungle Jeff Miller, Ph.D. 12/1/2010
Can a Blue Whale Fit an Elephant on its Tongue? Digger Doug 8/1/2009
Can a Lizard Hear? Digger Doug 5/1/2014
Can Dogs Feel Emotions? Digger Doug 11/1/2001
Can the Different Types of Bugs Understand What Each Other Says? Digger Doug 6/1/2008
Caterpillar…Chrysalis… Butterfly! Caleb Colley, Ph.D. 8/4/2010
Cave Creatures Eric Lyons, M.Min. 5/1/2001
Cold Light Eric Lyons, M.Min. 3/1/2005
Come Climb with Me Caleb Colley, Ph.D. 4/1/2008
Conveniently Redefining Design Eric Lyons, M.Min. 4/14/2008
Cool Camels are Hot to Trot Eric Lyons, M.Min. 8/1/2010
Copying God's Design AP Staff 6/1/2018
Coral Polyps, Boiling Cabbage, and the Ocean's Thermostat Steven Akin 10/1/2017
Cuttlefish: The Camouflage King Eric Lyons, M.Min. 6/1/2008
Deadly Glowing Larva Kyle Butt, M.Div. 10/5/2015
Death Comes by Night Trevor Major, M.Sc., M.A. 1/1/2000
Design Demands a Designer Kyle Butt, M.Div. 7/1/2015
Design Rules Jerry Fausz, Ph.D. 7/1/2007
Designed To Fly Jerry Fausz, Ph.D. 2/1/2008
Different Ways of Sorting Animals Eric Lyons, M.Min. 8/1/2009
Dinosaurs at the Zoo Kyle Butt, M.Div. 6/1/2012
Do Fish Sleep? and if They Do, How Do They? Digger Doug 1/1/2004
Do Humans and Apes Differ Only by Degree? Trevor Major, M.Sc., M.A. 11/1/1995
Does Epigenetics Support Neo-Darwinian Evolution? Jeff Miller, Ph.D. 1/1/2017
Dragonflies: Engineered to See More Than You Might Think Jeff Miller, Ph.D. 4/1/2015
Dragonfly Flight and the Designer Dave Miller, Ph.D. 4/1/2006
E7 Did Not Evolve Eric Lyons, M.Min. 11/1/2007
Eight-Legged, Fanged Wonders of God’s Creation Kyle Butt, M.Div. 11/1/2011
Even Tiny Guys Like to Monkey Around Jeff Miller, Ph.D. 5/1/2012
Evolution is Peppered with Falsehoods Kyle Butt, M.Div. 7/1/2011
Evolution's "New" Argument—Suboptimality Bert Thompson, Ph.D. 1/1/1991
Extraordinary Electric Eels Eric Lyons, M.Min. 7/1/2012
Eye Hall of Fame Kyle Butt, M.Div. 9/1/2013
Eyeballing Design in the Vampire Squid Kyle Butt, M.Div. 2/19/2007
Fall: The Pre-Game Show Jeff Miller, Ph.D. 10/1/2016
Feathered Tails Eric Lyons, M.Min. 1/1/2007
Finches of the Galapagos Island AP Staff 4/1/2013
Fish that Fight to the Death Jeff Miller, Ph.D. 4/1/2011
Following the Toucan’s Nose to a Designer Kyle Butt, M.Div. 12/25/2006
Gentle Giants Trevor Major, M.Sc., M.A. 3/1/2000
Ghost Sharks on the Loose! Caleb Colley, Ph.D. 6/1/2008
Go to Your Room – for 17 Years! Brad Harrub, Ph.D. 11/1/2004
God Created Dogs Kyle Butt, M.Div. 6/1/2010
God Put Wits In Godwits Eric Lyons, M.Min. 10/8/2007
God’s Amazing Reptiles Kyle Butt, M.Div. 4/1/2009
God’s Gecko Glue Bert Thompson, Ph.D. 5/1/2004
God’s Sensational Snakes Kyle Butt, M.Div. 11/1/2006
God's Fast-Swimming, Super-Smart, Meat-Eating Machine Steven Akin 1/1/2016
God's Gecko Glue Bert Thompson, Ph.D.
Branyon May, Ph.D.
God's Perfect Predators Kyle Butt, M.Div. 3/1/2000
Granddaddy Long-Legs Dave Miller, Ph.D. 11/1/2008
Grizzlies and "Beary" Helpful Dave Miller, Ph.D. 8/1/2017
Hairy Friends From Our Nightmares Jeff Miller, Ph.D. 11/1/2011
Have Tuxedo, Will Travel Caleb Colley, Ph.D. 6/1/2007
Hedgehog: The Land Urchin Eric Lyons, M.Min. 11/1/2017
Helpful Honey Dave Miller, Ph.D. 3/1/2008
Here’s the Angle on the Anglerfish Bert Thompson, Ph.D. 1/1/2004
Hop to It! Dave Miller, Ph.D. 4/1/2008
Horse Power or God Power Garry K. Brantley, M.A., M.Div.
How are Sharks so Flexible? Digger Doug 11/1/2008
How can a Star-nosed Mole Find a Worm by Using its Feelers to Touch the Worm Without the Worm Knowing and Escaping? Digger Doug 5/1/2001
How Do Horses Sleep? Digger Doug 4/1/2000
How Do Hummingbirds Flap Their Wings So Fast? Digger Doug 6/1/2012
How do penguins stay warm? Digger Doug 8/9/2010
How Do Pill-Bugs Roll Up in a Ball? Digger Doug 10/1/2013
How Helpful Can Bats Really Be? Kyle Butt, M.Div. 10/1/2000
Intriguing Insects! Bert Thompson, Ph.D. 3/1/2001
Jumping Into Life as a Frog Willie the Word Worm 8/4/2010
Komodo Dragons take a Bite out of Evolution Eric Lyons, M.Min. 2/1/2012
Leaving the Competition All Wet Brad Harrub, Ph.D. 5/1/2004
Lessons From the Raptors Rhonda Thompson 1/1/2000
Let’s All Bee Working Together Kyle Butt, M.Div. 3/1/2008
Leviathan: Dragon of the Deep? Eric Lyons, M.Min. 7/1/2001
Mammals, Dinosaurs, and the Fossil Record Eric Lyons, M.Min. 8/1/2009
Marine Mammals Dave Miller, Ph.D. 8/1/2009
Marvelous Mammals Caleb Colley, Ph.D. 8/1/2009
Metamorphosis Eric Lyons, M.Min. 8/4/2010
Microbats' Amazing Built-in Abilities Eric Lyons, M.Min. 8/1/2016
Migrating Monarch Dave Miller, Ph.D. 6/1/2007
Migration Champion Eric Lyons, M.Min. 6/1/2007
Morphing Flight: Beyond Irreducible Complexity Jerry Fausz, Ph.D. 1/1/2010
Moths That Changed Into…Moths! Kyle Butt, M.Div. 7/1/2003
Mvp Outfielder: The Archerfish Brad Harrub, Ph.D. 1/1/2004
My Trip to the Zoo Kyle Butt, M.Div. 6/1/2012
Nature’s Weightlifters Brad Harrub, Ph.D. 5/1/2006
Neither Jelly Nor Fish Dave Miller, Ph.D. 6/1/2008
Now That's a Horse of a Different Color Brad Harrub, Ph.D. 7/1/2003
Oh, to Be a Bee Bert Thompson, Ph.D. 11/1/2004
Panada – Not Your Ordinary Bear! Brad Harrub, Ph.D. 3/1/2005
People, Pups, and Priorities Eric Lyons, M.Min. 6/1/2010
Piranha the Perfect Predator and Scavenger Kyle Butt, M.Div. 11/1/2008
Pit Vipers: Snakes WIth Superpowers? Jeff Miller, Ph.D. 10/1/2017
Playing Possom Kyle Butt, M.Div. 4/1/2008
Porcupine Hair is "Quilly" Neat Kyle Butt, M.Div. 11/1/2017
Porcupines: God's Perfect Pin Cushions Kyle Butt, M.Div. 11/1/2017
Proof of God’s Power Alden Bass 9/1/2003
Purrrfectly Big Cats Kyle Butt, M.Div. 12/1/2010
Reptiles and the Bible Eric Lyons, M.Min. 4/1/2009
Response to “Insect Wing Evolution Revealed In Recycled Genes” Jerry Fausz, Ph.D. 6/1/2010
Robotic Hummingbird Defies Evolution Kyle Butt, M.Div. 5/1/2011
Rolling Over Evolution Kyle Butt, M.Div. 4/1/2015
Scent to Help Humans Jeff Miller, Ph.D. 6/1/2010
Scientists Copy God’s Design—Without Giving God Credit (Again!) Eric Lyons, M.Min. 10/20/2008
Scorpions: The Spectacular, Stinging Sensations Dave Miller, Ph.D. 8/1/2010
Seal Whiskers Sensing God Kyle Butt, M.Div. 3/20/2017
Seeing God in a Box...Fish Kyle Butt, M.Div. 7/25/2005
Seeing the Designer in Shrimp Vision Kyle Butt, M.Div. 8/29/2014
Shark Facts Jim Estabrook 3/1/2000
Sharks and Humans Bert Thompson, Ph.D. 3/1/2000
Shrewbot Kyle Butt, M.Div. 5/1/2012
Shrewbot’s Synthetic Whiskers Detect God Kyle Butt, M.Div.
Shrewbot’s Synthetic Whiskers Detect God Kyle Butt, M.Div. 4/1/2012
Side – Swimming Wonders Eric Lyons, M.Min. 1/1/2004
Similar Things Aren’t Always Related Bert Thompson, Ph.D. 7/1/2003
Slugs and Snails: Slimy, but Amazing Jeff Miller, Ph.D. 6/1/2015
Slugs—Might as Well Jump! Dave Miller, Ph.D. 6/1/2015
Snake Evolution Doesn’t Have a Leg To Stand On Brad Harrub, Ph.D. 11/1/2006
Snake Legs, Whale Legs, and Evolutionists: All “Stumped” Matthew Vanhorn 8/1/2004
Snowy Owls: Designed for the Arctic Jeff Miller, Ph.D. 1/1/2016
Some Like it Hot! Jeff Miller, Ph.D. 1/1/2011
Sticky Business Eric Lyons, M.Min. 9/10/2007
Stuck a Feather in His Hat and Called it Macaroni Kyle Butt, M.Div. 1/1/2001
Successful Scientists Seminar Jeff Miller, Ph.D. 5/7/2012
Sugar Gliders Eric Lyons, M.Min. 10/1/2017
Super Marsupials Eric Lyons, M.Min. 4/1/2008
Super Seahorses Eric Lyons, M.Min. 3/1/2013
Super Slug Slime Kyle Butt, M.Div. 6/1/2015
Superbly Designed Snakes Eric Lyons, M.Min. 1/1/2014
Super-Strong Spider Silk Eric Lyons, M.Min. 11/1/2011
Sweet Sym-bee-o-sis Eric Lyons, M.Min. 3/1/2008
Swim, Shark, Swim Trevor Major, M.Sc., M.A. 3/1/2000
Symbiosis: Creatures that Need Each Other Dave Miller, Ph.D. 9/1/2010
Tacky Tapeworms Bert Thompson, Ph.D. 5/1/2003
Tail-Waggers with a Message Caleb Colley, Ph.D. 1/1/2007
Taking Cues from Nature’s Designer Kyle Butt, M.Div. 7/17/2006
Teeth Testify to a Creator Eric Lyons, M.Min. 5/26/2011
Terrific Tube Worms Willie the Word Worm 2/4/2011
Terror From Tasmania Kyle Butt, M.Div. 8/4/2010
The “King of Beasts” Eric Lyons, M.Min. 12/1/2010
The Amazing Bee Dance Kyle Butt, M.Div. 3/1/2008
The Amazing Thorny Devil Kyle Butt, M.Div. 8/1/2010
The Animal that Wasn't Supposed to Exist! Bert Thompson, Ph.D. 8/4/2010
The Anteater's Amazing Wet Noodle Jeff Miller, Ph.D. 7/1/2014
The Bear with Amazing Hair Emma Baker 1/1/2014
The Bible, Reptiles, and Disease Kyle Butt, M.Div. 4/1/2009
The Bloodthirsty Vampire Bat Kyle Butt, M.Div. 10/1/2000
The Blue Whale is No Fluke of Evolution Eric Lyons, M.Min. 2/1/2012
The Bombardier Beetle—A Bombshell for Evolutionists Eric Lyons, M.Min. 3/1/2013
The Cause of Cuttlefish Eric Lyons, M.Min. 6/23/2008
The Clockmaker and the Monarch Kyle Butt, M.Div. 1/21/2008
The Creation Declares God's Greatness--Audio
The Creativity of the Creator Declares His Glory Eric Lyons, M.Min. 2/27/2012
The Creator’s Cunning Cat Dave Miller, Ph.D. 12/1/2010
The Deep Places Bert Thompson, Ph.D. 5/1/2000
The Design of Deadly Dragons Kyle Butt, M.Div. 7/1/2001
The Design of the Dragonfly Eric Lyons, M.Min. 11/1/2004
The Diving Bell Spider Dave Miller, Ph.D. 11/1/2011
The Earth is Crawling with Worms Willie the Word Worm 2/4/2011
The Elephant Trunk Dave Miller, Ph.D. 3/1/2005
The Enormous Elephant did Not Evolve Eric Lyons, M.Min. 2/1/2012
The Ermine: A Protector of Purity Kyle Butt, M.Div. 1/1/2016
The Fish that Steals a Ride Kyle Butt, M.Div. 6/1/2008
The Gecko Declares God's Glory Eric Lyons, M.Min. 7/1/2012
The Giant Anteater Dave Miller, Ph.D. 5/1/2006
The Giant Squid Bo Lyons 3/1/2013
The Gila Monster Dave Miller, Ph.D. 4/1/2011
The Horses of the Sea: Hippocampus Trae Bailey 7/1/2001
The Humdinger Hummingbird Dave Miller, Ph.D. 3/1/2009
The Intelligent Design Movement [Part I] Trevor Major, M.Sc., M.A. 10/1/2000
The Intelligent Design Movement [Part II] Trevor Major, M.Sc., M.A. 11/1/2000
The Jackhammer in Your Backyard Caleb Colley, Ph.D. 3/1/2009
The Kinder Killer Whale Kyle Butt, M.Div. 1/1/2001
The Leopard of the Sea Dave Miller, Ph.D. 1/1/2009
The Leopard's Spots Trevor Major, M.Sc., M.A. 8/1/2000
The Magnificent Mallee Fowl Eric Lyons, M.Min. 3/1/2009
The Multi – Million Dollar Menace Kyle Butt, M.Div. 11/1/2004
The Musky Musk Ox Eric Lyons, M.Min. 1/1/2016
The Panda's Thumb Kyle Butt, M.Div. 6/1/2012
The Powerful, Predatory Polar Bear Kyle Butt, M.Div. 1/1/2009
The Puzzling Platypus is No Product of Evolution Eric Lyons, M.Min. 7/1/2012
The Scoop on Mr. Beaver's Tail Willie the Word Worm 1/1/2007
The Scorpion’s Venomous Weapon Caleb Colley, Ph.D. 1/1/2007
The SETI Project, Falling “Floppy Discs,” and A Major Missed Implication Kyle Butt, M.Div. 9/26/2005
The Silk "STEEL" of a Spider Eric Lyons, M.Min. 1/1/2003
The Slimy Friends Living Beneath Us Jeff Miller, Ph.D. 2/4/2011
The Slowest of the Slow Kyle Butt, M.Div. 8/4/2010
The Teleological Argument for the Existence of God [Part 1] Dave Miller, Ph.D. 2/1/2018
The Teleological Argument for the Existence of God [Part 2] Dave Miller, Ph.D. 3/1/2018
The Tight Travel Schedule of Great Whales Caleb Colley, Ph.D. 6/1/2007
The Truth About Teeth Dave Miller, Ph.D. 5/26/2011
The Uncontested Queen of the Deep Branyon May, Ph.D. 9/1/2003
The Wonderous Walrus (and His Terrific Tusks) Caleb Colley, Ph.D. 1/1/2009
The Wood – Eating Machine Kyle Butt, M.Div. 11/1/2004
The Zig-Zagging, Zooming Zunzun Eric Lyons, M.Min. 5/1/2012
This Longneck is No Dinosaur Eric Lyons, M.Min. 11/1/2008
Tick – Picking: a Risky Business Eric Lyons, M.Min. 5/1/2003
Torporific Biomimicry Caleb Colley, Ph.D. 9/17/2007
Under Pressure Trevor Major, M.Sc., M.A. 5/1/2000
Underwater Glue Brad Harrub, Ph.D. 1/1/2003
Underwater Procupines Thomas Tarpley, B.S. 1/1/2004
What are Coelacanths, and What Do They Have to Do With the Theory of Evolution? Digger Doug 3/1/2005
What Does a Cat's Tail Do? Digger Doug 12/1/2013
What is the Most poisonous Animal? Digger Doug 10/1/2000
When a Deer Loses a Tooth, Does it Grow Back? Digger Doug 3/1/2014
Who Makes the World’s Best Fliers? Eric Lyons, M.Min. 8/20/2007
Who Makes the World’s Best Fliers? Eric Lyons, M.Min. 11/1/2007
Why and How Does a Snail Change the Length of its Antenna? Digger Doug 8/4/2010
Why Do Alligators have Bumps on Their Backs? Digger Doug 1/1/2009
Why do Flamingos Stand on One Leg? Digger Doug 7/1/2001
Why Do Lions Have a Mane? Digger Doug 12/1/2017
Why do parrots talk, but no other animals talk? Digger Doug 8/4/2010
Why does God make animals that hurt you? Digger Doug 7/1/2011
Why don’t fish blink, and if they do, how do they? Digger Doug 2/1/2012
Why the "Kill" is in Killer Whale Kyle Butt, M.Div. 1/1/2001
Wonders of God’s Creation Eric Lyons, M.Min. 1/1/2009
Wonders of God's Creation Eric Lyons, M.Min. 4/1/2011
Wondrous Woodpeckers Eric Lyons, M.Min. 1/1/2014
Woolly Mammoths Bert Thompson, Ph.D. 1/1/2001
You Light Up My Life Trevor Major, M.Sc., M.A. 5/1/2000