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Discovery Magazine 1/1/1990

God's Curious Creatures

by  Brad Bromling, D.Min.

 The Amazing Archerfish

The world around us is full of many curious creatures. One of these creatures is the Archerfish. You know what a fish is, but do you know why he is called an “archer”? An archer is a person who hunts with a bow. He stands a long way off and shoots an arrow at his target. Is there a fish that uses a bow? No, but there is a fish that does something just as amazing.

The archerfish swims a little below the surface of the water looking for food. When he sees an insect on a twig or plant just above the water, he uses his mouth to shoot an “arrow” of water at it. When the bug gets hit it falls into the water and the archerfish swims up and eats it! Not only is that curious, but no other fish gets his food that way.

How do you think he discovered how to do that? He did not just swim around and figure it out. God made him that way! The archerfish reminds us that there is a wonderful God in heaven who made all the world's curious creatures.

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