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Discovery Magazine 7/1/1990

Time Plus Slime Equals Nothing

by  Brad Bromling, D.Min.

Many scientists believe in the theory of evolution, even though it has not been proven to be true. The theory of evolution is the idea that billions of years ago, nothing lived upon the earth, and a little one-celled creature suddenly came to life in a watery pool of slime. As millions of years passed, some think slow changes took place, so that from this little creature, the fish family developed. After other changes, the amphibians (animals that live both in water and on land, such as frogs), developed. After a long, long time, the amphibian family produced the reptiles, such as snakes, which in turn, over millions of years, became the parents of birds. Then the bird family eventually developed into the mammals, such a squirrels. Mammals are said to have evolved into apes and ape-like creatures, and from them, humans are supposed to have descended.

Can this story of how life began be true? After all, some scientists and teachers, believe it, don't they? Yes, but many other scientists and teachers do not believe in evolution. These other scientists declare that evolution cannot be true because it does not agree with the facts of true science. For example, there is a law of science called the Law of Biogenesis (by-oh-GEN-uh-sis). It has two parts. First, the law says that “all life comes from life.” This means that life could not have started by accident in a slime pool, no matter how much time there was. There must be a source of life that has existed forever. That source of life is God, Who created everything.

Second, the law says that “all things always produce after their own kinds.” If you plant a corn seed, corn plants will grow. Snakes have baby snakes, not baby birds! Mother cats give birth to kittens. A monkey cannot give birth to a human baby. No one doubts that this law is true. In science, a “law” is a true statement that has no exception.

The true laws of science do not support evolution! The idea of the creation of the world by God is more scientific than evolution. The Bible teaches that God is the Source of life (Acts 17:25). It also teaches that all things produce after their own kinds (Genesis 1:11). Time plus slime equals nothing. Without God, nothing would exist. Both the Bible and true science show that evolution cannot be true.

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