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Discovery Magazine 7/1/2015

Design Demands a Designer

Suppose you are walking in the woods and looked down and saw an iPad®. You pick it up and turn it on. It works perfectly. Then you realize it can take pictures and even record video. Would you ever think that this iPad came about because millions of years of accidents had blown dirt, leaves, and other materials together to make it? Of course not. You understand that whenever you see design, there must be an intelligent designer. iPads don’t accidentally form from chemicals and natural processes. Only a very smart person could design and build such a wonderful machine.

When we look into the natural world, we find that it is filled with design. For instance, the human brain is a super computer that is more advanced than an iPad. The human eye is connected to the brain by over 600,000 nerves. Messages from these nerves can travel to the brain at over 300 miles per hour. The brain can then sort through the messages and determine which ones are important. Not only that, the brain can produce about 50 chemicals that are used to regulate functions in the body. At the same time, your brain keeps your heart pumping, lungs breathing, and blood flowing without you even having to think about it.

And the brain is just one excellent example of design. There are millions more. What if you saw a robotic humming bird flying near your home? The robot would have hundreds of little pieces that fit together perfectly to allow it to work. You might be interested to know that scientists have created such a machine. But what is more interesting is that when the robot is compared to a real hummingbird, the robot is not nearly as well designed. The real humming bird can fly faster, flap its wings more quickly, and move better than its robot double. If brilliant scientists designed the robot, then a more brilliant designer had to design the real thing. That designer is God. He is the all-powerful Creator Who is the only Being that would be able to create all the awesome design we see in this world. Complex design demands a designer.

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