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Discovery Magazine 6/1/1991

A Strange Carving in Stone

Almost 100 years ago a very strange discovery was made. Several pictographs were found on a wall of the Hava Supai Canyon in the area of the Grand Canyon in Arizona. A pictograph (PIC-tuh-graf) is a picture carved into a rock surface.

In the fall of 1924, a respected scientist, Dr. Samuel Hubbard, led a team of explorers to the canyon to study these pictographs. Among the carvings was a curious picture. The scientists said it appeared to be a dinosaur. The picture was almost a foot high and about 7 inches wide.

The creature seemed to be standing up on its hind legs. Dr. Hubbard wrote: "The fact that the animal is upright and balanced on its tail would seem to indicate that the prehistoric artist must have seen it alive." The dimensions of the drawing are very accurate, which is another reason that it appears likely that the person who made the carving actually lived at the same time as this great beast. Also, there were dinosaur tracks in the rock formations of that region.

The drawing shows that the person who made this picture was skillful with tools. It took much patience to carve the dinosaur image into the hard stone. The man or woman who carved the picture was also a good artist. In other words, this picture was not made by some half-human, half-animal creature, but by an intelligent person.

There is only one problem with this. Those who believe in evolution say that the dinosaurs had all become extinct (no longer living) before man ever arrived upon this planet. Therefore, how could any human have really seen a dinosaur?

The truth is, there is no scientific evidence that proves that humans and dinosaurs could not have lived at the same time in the ancient past. The Bible clearly teaches that all major kinds of living creatures were made in the same week (Genesis 1; Exodus 20:11). And man was to have dominion (control) over all of these creatures—as much as he was able (Genesis 1:28). Actually, a dinosaur may be described in the Bible. Read Job 40:15-24 and see what you think. There is no disagreement between the Bible and true science.

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