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Truth Be Told - DVD

Truth Be Told - DVD

by Eric Lyons and Kyle Butt

In this seminar, Kyle Butt and Eric Lyons present an exciting new series of lessons that examine the creation/evolution controversy in light of reason and revelation. The Truth Be Told seminar, the first in the Pillars of Faith seminar series, exposes the myth of evolution using common sense, science, and the Bible. Almost four hours of compelling information that your friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, and others need to hear. The six lessons, each approximately 38 minutes, are also designed to be used in Bible classes.

This DVD has 6 sessions approximately 40 minutes each.


Lesson Titles:

  • The Existence of God
  • Dinosaurs: The Poster Children of Evolution (Part 1)
  • Dinosaurs: The Poster Children of Evolution (Part 2)
  • Evolutionary Hoaxes
  • Creation: In Six Days or Six Billion Years?
  • The Fruits of Atheism

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Truth Be Told - DVD - $12.00