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Reason & Revelation Bound Volume 2009

Reason & Revelation

Bound Volume 2009

Sample articles from the 2009 bound volume include: The Wonders of God’s Creation; Viewing Darwin in Light of 150 Years of Error; A Review of the PBS NOVA Television Documentary Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial; How Important is the Bible to America’s Survival?; The Jackhammer in Your Back Yard; The RNA World Hypothesis Explained and Unexplained; A Response to The 21st Century Science Coalition Standards of Science Education; The Problem of Evil; Did The Bible Writers Commit Biological Blunders?; The Bible’s Buried Secrets; Is the Book of Mormon from God?; Of Apes & Men: Chromosome 2 in Humans and the Chimpanzee; Was Jesus Misquoted?; and Is God Immoral for Killing Innocent Children?

Reason & Revelation Bound Volume 2009 - $5.00