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Explorer Series 1: Christian Evidences for Kids

Explorer Series: Christian Evidences for Kids

(Journey #1)

Recommended for Fifth - Sixth Grades

This series is an invaluable teaching tool for parents who want their children to know the truth about the evidence standing behind their faith. Each full-color, 8-page lesson includes professional artwork and illustrations that appeal to young readers, as well as activities such as puzzles, word-finds, fill-in-the-blanks, true/false questions, and mazes-all of which are intended to reinforce the teaching found within each lesson. The series is flexible enough so that it can be used in Bible class settings, VBS classes, homeschooling, or even summer camps. It is designed so that teachers have the freedom to send individual lessons home with each child, or compile all 13 lessons into a notebook that can be used in class and then given to the child for future reference at the end of the quarter.

Recommended for use with the
A.P. Bible Class Curriculum.

Lesson 1—Exploring Apologetics
Lesson 2—The Existence of God
Lesson 3—The Design of the Universe
Lesson 4—The Design of the Human Body
Lesson 5—The Design of Animals
Lesson 6—The Theory of Evolution
Lesson 7—Science and the Bible
Lesson 8—The Geologic Timetable
Lesson 9—Dinosaurs and the Bible
Lesson 10—The Theory of the Evolution of Man
Lesson 11—The Existence and Godhood of Jesus
Lesson 12—The Inspiration of the Bible
Lesson 13—The Church

Each lesson has a memory verse that fits with the content. Download a master list of the memory verses for Journey 1 <<HERE>>.

Second Eddition 2016, 2002, 104 pages, 13 lessons, paper

Explorer Series 1: Christian Evidences for Kids - $10.00