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AP Reader Series: Learn to Read (All 8)

AP Reader Series: Learn to Read

(All 8 Books)

Most American children have learned to read using such books as “Dick and Jane.” But what better way to teach children how to read than by using biblical concepts? The “Learn to Read” series is designed to provide books for children (ages 3-6) for the purpose of assisting them in learning to read, while simultaneously introducing them to the Creator and His creation.



  • Introduces children to God as Creator.
  • Introduces children to the animal kingdom.
  • Introduces children to simple sentence structure.
  • Introduces children to rhyme.
  • Introduces children to exclamation and question.
  • Builds vocabulary through “sight words.”

This series includes:

  • Bats, Cats, and Rats
  • Birds, Bugs, and Bees
  • Dogs, Frogs, and Hogs
  • Ducks, Bucks, and Woodchucks
  • Fish, Flies, and Fleas
  • Goose, Moose, and Mongoose
  • Sharks, Larks, and Aardvarks
  • Snails, Quails, and Whales

Price: $2.00 each or all eight for $14.00
each book has 24 to 32 pages, paperback
(Written for ages 3-6)

AP Reader Series: Learn to Read (All 8) - $14.00