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A New Testament Commentary

A New Testament Commentary

by Wayne Jackson

A scholarly, yet practical, study tool that covers every book of the New Testament. Written for both the teacher and the student, it is fresh and easy to understand—yet not at the expense of sound exegesis.





  • Background discussion of each book in the New Testament, including authorship, likely date of composition, general theme and purpose of each book, and a helpful instruction outline of the document
  • Parallel texts in the Gospel accounts clearly referenced
  • Commentary and analysis on the relationsip between New Testament texts and the preparatory information contained in the Old Testament
  • Meaningful analysis, in easy-to-understand language, of insights into the original Greek Testament and without cumbersome, technical jargon
  • Historical data that provides important contextual background for an accurate understanding of the sacred text
  • A treasure trove of sermon ideas—ideal for Bible class teachers
  • Extended bibliography of important study reference tools

A New Testament Commentary - $49.95