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The Bible is God's Word—Digging for Answers

The Bible is God's Word—Digging For Answers
VBS Material

The material is delivered to you on 3 separate discs.

Disc One—CD-ROM
• 5 Elementary and Teen/Adult Lessons
• Games and Crafts
• Artwork
• Skits

Disc TwoDigger Doug’s Underground DVD
• 5 Great Episodes. Running Time Approx. 130 Minutes

Disc ThreeIs the Bible from God? DVD
by  Kyle Butt & Eric Lyons
• 6-Lesson Seminar Proving the Bible’s Inspiration


CD-ROM Includes:


Elementary Teen/Adult
Lesson 1: How We Got the Bible
Lesson 2: The Bible is a Treasure Map
Lesson 3: The Bible Predicts the Future
Lesson 4: Godʼs Commands Help Us
Lesson 5: Sharing Godʼs Word with Others
• Each lesson comes with a PowerPoint presentation
Lesson 1: How the Bible Came to Us
Lesson 2: The Bible is Inspired
Lesson 3: The Bible and Prophecy
Lesson 4: The Bible and Science
Lesson 5: Are There Mistakes in the Bible?


Games & Crafts

Games Crafts
• Application
• Set-up instructions
• Artwork
• Materials list
• Application
• Assembly instructions
• Artwork
• Materials list
• Color sheets




Clipart Digger Davey & The Underminer
• Classroom decorating ideas
• Puppet props
• Artwork for classroom decorations
• Promotional clip art
• Invitations
• Name tags
• Registration form
• Certificates (Color and B&W)
• Artwork for crafts and games
• Banners
• Five imaginative skits
     Day 1: Great Books of History
     Day 2: The Bogus Map
     Day 3: The All-Seeing Underminer?
     Day 4: The Imposter
     Day 5: Give It Away
• Costume ideas for each character
Custom Templates
• Certificates
• Invitations

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The Bible is God's Word—Digging for Answers - $199.00