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Reason & Revelation Bound Volume 2013

Reason & Revelation

Bound Volume 2013







Some articles from the 2013 bound volume include:

  • The Historicity of Job
  • Have Synthetic Biologists Created Life From Non-Life?
  • Can Quantum Mechanics Produce a Universe from Nothing?
  • Zero Energy Balance and Universes Popping Into Existence
  • Were the Founding Fathers “Tolerant” of Islam?
  • More Conflicting Evidence Regarding the Alleged Age of the Grand Canyon
  • Why is Belief in God Natural to Mankind?
  • God’s Just Destruction of the Canaanites
  • “Can God Do Everything?”
  • A Book Review of Sanford’s Genetic Entropy and the Mystery of the Genome
  • What About “Out-of-Body Experiences”?
  • “Unlike Naturalists, You Creationists Have a Blind Faith”
  • The Imprecatory Psalms
  • The Resurrection as a Fact of Science
  • Jephthah’s Daughter
  • Political Correctness and “Bashing”
  • Dealing Fairly with Alleged Bible Contradictions
  • Turmoil in Scotland Over A.P. Books
  • Does Song of Solomon Mention Muhammad?
  • In Science We Trust
  • At What Hour Was Jesus Crucified?

Reason & Revelation Bound Volume 2013 - $3.00