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The Silencing of God (Audio Book, 4-CD set)

The Silencing of God (Audio Book)

by Dr. Dave Miller

Read by Jay Webb

Take a trip back to the now WITHERED ROOTS and VANISHING VALUES of America’s past. You will not believe your eyes and ears. America is in the throes of a full-scale CULTURE WAR. The moral and spiritual underpinnings of American civilization are collapsing.



Did the Founding Fathers…

  • advocate “separation of church and state”?
  • reject expressions of Christianity in government and public schools?
  • intend for federal institutions to be religiously neutral?
  • approve of same-sex marriage?

The Silencing of God issues a stirring plea to the nation to...

  • Return from the depths of moral depravity
  • Reclaim our Christian heritage
  • Reaffirm biblical values in public life

The Silencing of God audiobook contains the following: 

CD 1 CD 2
  Public Expressions of God in...
  - The Declaration
  - Original State Constitutions
  - Current State Constitution Preambles
  - Presidential Inaugural Addresses
  - Speeches and Quotes by Founders
  - The Pledge, Nat’l. Motto, Nat’l. Songs
  - The Judiciary
  - Our Currency
  - National Symbols
  - National Architecture
CD 3 CD 4
  - Public Education
  - Public Life
  What Can Be Done?

The book version of this audio book can be found here - The Silencing of God .

2014, 4 CDs, approx. 4 hrs. of material

The Silencing of God (Audio Book, 4-CD set) - $14.95