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BEHOLD! The Lamb of God - DVD

BEHOLD! The Lamb of God - DVD

by Kyle Butt and Eric Lyons

The personality of Jesus Christ is the most outstanding, effective manifestation of God’s care that our lost and sinful world has ever witnessed. This six-lesson DVD series presents a well-documented, positive case for the historicity, deity, and uniqueness of Jesus, based on the Apologetics Press book Behold, The Lamb of God. The viewer will be forced to answer the question: What do you think of the Christ?

This DVD has 6 sessions approximately 38 minutes each.


Lesson Titles:

  • The Historicity of Jesus
  • The Uniqueness of Christ
  • The Predicted Messiah
  • The Resurrection of Christ
  • Answering Christ's Critics
  • Was Jesus Really God?

This item is packaged in traditional DVD packaging.


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BEHOLD! The Lamb of God - DVD - $12.00