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BEHOLD! The Lamb of God (Bulk-20 copies)

BEHOLD! The Lamb of God - DVD

--Bulk Quantity—20 copies at $2.00 ea.--

by Kyle Butt and Eric Lyons

The personality of Jesus Christ is the most outstanding, effective manifestation of God’s care that our lost and sinful world has ever witnessed. This six-lesson DVD series presents a well-documented, positive case for the historicity, deity, and uniqueness of Jesus, based on the Apologetics Press book Behold, The Lamb of God. The viewer will be forced to answer the question: What do you think of the Christ?

This DVD has 6 sessions approximately 38 minutes each.


Lesson Titles:

  • The Historicity of Jesus
  • The Uniqueness of Christ
  • The Predicted Messiah
  • The Resurrection of Christ
  • Answering Christ's Critics
  • Was Jesus Really God?

This item is packaged and priced for bulk orders. A minimum order of 20 is required to get this pricing scale. This item is packaged in a cardboard sleeve that is both convenient to ship and give as a gift.


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BEHOLD! The Lamb of God (Bulk-20 copies) - $40.00