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Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed - DVD

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed - DVD

by Ben Stein

Expelled is not a Christian film per se; its emphasis is not on the Bible, Jesus, or Christianity. However, we believe that Christians will enjoy this documentary, as it is very much pro-logic, pro-liberty, pro-life, and pro-intelligent design—which also means that it is very much anti-macroevolution.

—DISCLAIMER— Apologetics Press makes every effort to distribute only those materials that are biblically and scientifically accurate. Occasionally, a book presents accurate information on almost all topics with which it deals, yet in one or more points is not in agreement with biblical teaching. Distribution of a book is not to be construed as agreement with everything in that book. For an outline of the biblical stance of Apologetics Press, click HERE.

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed - DVD - $19.99