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Reason & Revelation Bound Volume 2016

Reason & Revelation

Bound Volume 2016







Article topics from the 2016 bound volume include:

  • Why People Suffer
  • God’s Providence and the Problem of Evil
  • Should Christians Favor Accepting Syrian Refugees?
  • The Cosmological Argument for the Existence of God
  • The Cambrian Explosion
  • Falsification of Darwinian Evolution
  • Should the Quran be Taken Literally?
  • Apologetics and the Growth of the Early Church
  • 13 Objections to Baptism
  • Could There Have Been Any Death Before the Fall?
  • “No Proof of God…But the Universe Might Just Be a Simulation”?
  • Why Doesn’t God Appear to Us and Prove that He Exists?
  • God, the Founders, and the Purpose of Human Government
  • Atheism and Free Will
  • U.S. Presidents on Islam
  • Homosexuality and Transgenderism: The Science Supports the Bible
  • Sexual Deviation Prior to Political Correctness
  • What Does the Bible Say about Having a Sex Change?
  • The Date of Daniel: Does it Matter?
  • Are Christians “Homophobic”?

Reason & Revelation Bound Volume 2016 - $6.00