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Rock-Solid Faith Volume 1-How to Build It - DVD

Rock-Solid Faith Volume I-How to Build It - DVD

by Bert Thompson

The 13 lessons in the DVD series follows the book of the same title chapter by chapter. This video presents discussions of the many faces and causes of unbelief, evidence for the existence of God and the inspiration of the Bible, an examination of the proofs for the deity of Christ, the importance and singularity of Christ's church, biblically mandated steps for salvation, and the mercy and grace of a Sovereign God.

Each lesson is approximately 40 minutes in length, which makes them perfect for classroom use in congregational Bible class settings. The material is rich, in-depth, and masterfully presented. For those struggling to build a faith based upon God's Word, this video, as well as, its predecessor Rock-Solid Faith: How to Sustain It can help.

Rock-Solid Faith Volume 1-How to Build It - DVD - $45.00