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Rock-Solid Faith Volume 2-How to Sustain It - DVD

Rock-Solid Faith Volume II-How to Sustain It - DVD

by Bert Thompson

The 13 lessons in the series follows the book of the same title chapter by chapter. This video presents discussions of defining and sustaining Biblical faith; man in the image and likeness of God; knowing and defining the enemy; the origin, nature and destiny of the soul; why we are losing our children and adults; and faithfully teaching the faith.

Each lesson is approximately 40 minutes in length, which makes them perfect for classroom use in congregational Bible class settings. The material is rich, in-depth, and masterfully presented. For those struggling to build a faith based upon God's Word, this video, as well as, its forerunner Rock-Solid Faith: How to Build It can help.

Rock-Solid Faith Volume 2-How to Sustain It - DVD - $45.00