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BOOK002Out With Doubt$7.95
APCDEL0003Dinosaurs: Poster Children of Evolution [Parts 1 & 2]—EL $3.00
APBKELKB07Dinosaur Delusion$10.95
APDVDCC0006Digger Doug's Underground (Episodes 13 and 14)$12.00
APDVDCC0007Digger Doug's Underground (Episodes 03 and 04)$12.00
APDVDKB0018Out With Doubt - DVD$12.00
APDVDKBEL27Truth Be Told - DVD$12.00
APDVDKBEL28Truth Be Told (Bulk-20 copies)$40.00
APTRCTAD0091Could Humans Live With Dinosaurs$0.25
APRRST0007Reason & Revelation Bound Volume 2004$3.00
APRRST0008Reason & Revelation Bound Volume 2005$3.00
APRRST0009Reason & Revelation Bound Volume 2007$3.00
APRRST0010Reason & Revelation Bound Volume 2008$3.00
APDIST0001Discovery Bound Volume 2014$3.00
APDIST0007Discovery Bound Volume 2004$3.00
APDIST0010Discovery Bound Volume 2007$3.00
APDIST0011Discovery Bound Volume 2008$3.00
APDIST0012Discovery Bound Volume 2009$3.00
APCMEL001Explorer Series 1: Christian Evidences for Kids$10.00
APCMBH002Advanced Christian Evidences Study Course$4.00
APVBSST001God's Creation—Digging For Answers$199.00
APTRCTCH0007Truth about Dinosaurs$0.25
APTRCTCH0012Truth about Humans and Dinosaurs$0.25
APTRCTCH0025Sample Pack of The Truth About Series$6.00
APCHBKST0002Dinosaur Coloring Book (Spanish)$2.00
APCHBKST0001Dinosaur Coloring Book (English)$2.00
APCHBKKB0005Advanced Reader: Amazing Dinosaurs Designed by God$2.00
APCHBKST001AP Reader Series: Advanced Readers (all 10)$18.00
APCHBKELKB001Dinosaurs Unleashed $10.95
APDIST0014Discovery Bound Volume 2010$3.00
APCDDM004The Bible and Dinosaurs—DM$3.00
BOOK002aOut With Doubt - Book$7.95
APCMEL005Explorer Series 5: Creation vs. Evolution$10.00
APPOST0001 Dinosaur Poster: "Deers in the Forest" (Genesis 1:28)$7.00
APDISC0017Discovery Bound Volume 2012$3.00
APPOST0002 Dinosaur Poster: "Day 40" (Genesis 7:21-22)$7.00
APABKELKB001Surveying the Evidence (Audio Book, 5-CD set)$14.95
APDLELKB001Surveying the Evidence (Audio--Digital Download)$9.95
APEPUBELKB001Dinosaur Delusion, The (eBook)$5.95
APEPUBKB001Out With Doubt (eBook)$3.95
APPOST0003 Dinosaur Poster: "Prelude to the Fair" (Psalm 8:4-7)$7.00
BOOK002b Out With Doubt - Book$7.95
APDVDKB0018a Out with Doubt - DVD$12.00
APDDKB011Dinosaurs-KB [Audio Download]$0.99
APDDEL007Dinosaurs: The Poster Children of Evolution Part 2-EL [Audio Download]$0.99
APDDEL008Dinosaurs: The Poster Children of Evolution Part 1-EL [Audio Download]$0.99
APDDDM004Bible & Dinosaurs-DM [Audio Download]$0.99
APDIST00020Discovery Bound Volume 2015$3.00
APDVDKB0018bOut with Doubt - DVD$12.00
APPOST0004 Dinosaur Poster: "Runaway Ben" Genesis 1:25-26,31$7.00
APDIST00021Discovery Bound Volume 2016$3.00
APBKKB0001spn Out With Doubt (Spanish)$7.95
APBKKB0001spnaOut With Doubt (Spanish)$7.95
APDIST00022Discovery Bound Volume 2017$3.00
APPOST0005Dinosaur Poster: "Down" (James 3:7)$7.00
APBK00025Dinosaur Field Journal $10.95
APPOST0006 Dinosaur Poster: "Job 40"$7.00
APDISC0023Discovery Bound Volume 2018$14.00