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Issue Features
Reason and Revelation Volume 26 #5

“ ‘The Truth About’ Tracts”

by  Dave Miller, Ph.D.
Brad Harrub, Ph.D.

How many tract racks have you seen over the years in the foyers of church buildings across the country? Such resources have been absolutely invaluable to the defense of Christianity and the nurturing of minds in spiritual matters. These racks typically contain tracts that address a variety of topics on an adult level. But how often do these racks contain tracts that are written specifically with children in mind? Rarely—if ever! Yet, once again, Apologetics Press lives up to its longstanding tradition of excellence and foresight in providing a steady supply of quality Christian materials for all ages.

Through the years, as the work at Apologetics Press has grown, we have striven to introduce products that could be used to proclaim and defend the Gospel in a wide variety of instructional settings. We realized early on that a product which might be useful for one particular purpose might not be adequate for another. Thus, we determined to offer a repertoire of materials from which our readers and customers could choose in order to meet their individual needs.

The latest offering comes in the form of 12 new tracts for children. “The Truth About” tracts are stunning in their appearance and powerfully succinct in their content. They address topics that are critical to the proper development of young minds—especially in a day when the swirling currents of unbelief and skepticism enshroud our society.

The newly released titles for 2006 include: The Accuracy of the Bible; The Big Bang; Copying God’s Design; Errors of Evolution; Evil, Pain, and Suffering; Evolutionary Hoaxes; The Genesis Flood; Human Morality; Humans and Dinosaurs; The Intelligence of Ancient Man; Reliability of the Bible; The Resurrection of Christ. These 12 new tracts are in addition to the 12 tracts already on the market: The Bible; The Bible and the Age of the Earth; The Bible and Science; Cause and Effect; Creation; Design in the Animal Kingdom; Design in the Human Body; The Design of the Universe; Dinosaurs; The Evolution of Man; The Law of Biogenesis; Science and the Bible.

A.P. is pleased to provide you with this opportunity to nurture your children and grandchildren as they grapple with the secularism that confronts them on every hand.

See the “Center Spread” of this month’s issue of R&R for ordering details.

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