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Discovery Magazine 6/1/2006

Creation, Evolution, and Laws of Science

Evolutionists like to make a big deal out of creationists not being able to “test” God. Since humans cannot use one of their five senses to examine God in order to prove that He exists, then we are told that no scientific evidence exists to prove that God is real. Because the scientific method requires that we be able to see, touch, taste, hear, or smell what we want to examine, God cannot be tested scientifically. And, if God cannot be tested, then (we are told) we cannot “know” that God really exists, or that He created the Universe out of nothing thousands of years ago.

The truth is, however, evolutionists can no more “test” the Big Bang and how life supposedly evolved from non-life anymore than creationists can test God and Creation. Just as supernatural six-day creations are not taking place today for us to observe, there are no big bangs to examine and experiment on. Also, we can’t go outside and see in nature how a living cell evolved from non-living chemicals, as evolutionists tell us happened more than one billion years ago. So really, neither creationists nor evolutionists can use the scientific method to prove that their ideas about where we came from are correct.

But, are there things we can know about the world today that point to either evolution or Creation being true? Yes, there are. Some of the best scientific facts to consult when wanting to know whether we were created by a supernatural Creator, or whether we evolved by chance over millions of years, are the laws of nature.

A scientific law is a principle in nature that is true in every observable case. Similar to how every time you add 1+1 you get 2 (and only 2), every time you consider a law of nature, you always know what to expect. For example, whenever a dog is about to have babies, you can be assured that the offspring will always be dogs. This is because life always reproduces after its own kind—a law known as the law of biogenesis. No one has ever seen an exception to this law (which is why it is a law!).

Humans do not invent scientific laws; we simply recognize them in nature. So what do these laws say about Creation and evolution? Read on.

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