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Discovery Magazine 8/1/2007

Jumping Into Life as a Frog

by  Willie the Word Worm

WWW: Willie the Word Worm here, excited to bring you another interesting interview. Today we will be talking with Frybert the Frog. Frybert, thanks for being with us today.

FF: Oh, thank you Willie. Would you like to talk about how far I can jump? God gave me these two strong back legs so I can jump really far. Do you want to see?

WWW: Well, Frybert, I see you do have very strong legs, but that’s not what I wanted to ask you about. I want to talk about your metamorphosis.

FF: Right, you mean the part of my life when I changed from a tadpole to a frog. Well, that is very fascinating. You see, I started out inside a little egg. I was clumped together with thousands of my brothers and sisters in their eggs.

WWW: I see. Please continue.

FF: When we all hatched, we didn’t look like frogs. In fact, we had long tails and gills, and we kind of looked like fish with big heads.

WWW: That is remarkable. How did you ever change so much to look like you do now?

FF: Good question, Willie. God designed us frogs to grow from a tadpole to a frog over several weeks. At about five weeks, I started growing tiny back legs. Those legs got bigger and bigger. Also, as I grew, I started losing my gills, and my lungs started working. That meant I needed to go to the top of the water and start breathing air.

WWW: Wow! So, when you were little, you could breathe in water like a fish. But as you grew, you had to use lungs and breathe air?

FF: Exactly. After several more weeks, my front legs began to grow. My tail started to disappear and fit into my body. I hopped out on land, and was a frog.

WWW: Amazing! Could you tell us, Frybert, where did you learn to change from a tadpole to a frog?

FF: Willie, I didn’t “learn” to change. God designed me like that. It is something that we frogs do because God has programmed us to do it.

WWW: Well, kids, there you have it—the scoop on the life cycle of a frog. What an amazing story, and what an awesome God! 

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