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Deity of Christ

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"Christ—the Firstfruits" Eric Lyons, M.Min. 5/27/2004
"Jesus Was a Vegetarian" Kyle Butt, M.Div. 1/12/2015
"My God, My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me?" Kyle Butt, M.Div. 7/1/2002
“The Church of God” and the Deity of Christ Eric Lyons, M.Min. 12/11/2006
“The Very Works that I Do Bear Witness of Me” Eric Lyons, M.Min.
Kyle Butt, M.Div.
The Da Vinci Code and the Dead Sea Scrolls Eric Lyons, M.Min. 8/1/2006
A Donkey and Her Colt Eric Lyons, M.Min. 5/27/2004
A Messiah Who "Sneaks" Into History? Kyle Butt, M.Div. 1/1/2002
An Introduction to Christian Evidences for Christians Jeff Miller, Ph.D. 6/1/2018
Answering Christ’s Critics Eric Lyons, M.Min. 5/1/2006
Assessing Jesus Christ—Newsweek Straddles the Fence Kyle Butt, M.Div. 3/25/2005
Can We Prove Jesus Was a Real Person? Eric Lyons, M.Min. 1/1/2002
Christ Emptied…Himself! Eric Lyons, M.Min. 1/1/2001
Did God Seduce Mary? Kyle Butt, M.Div. 5/13/2013
Did Jesus Christ Exist in the Form of God While on Earth? Wayne Jackson, M.A. 3/1/1995
Did Jesus Condone Law-breaking? Eric Lyons, M.Min. 1/1/2003
Did Jesus Deny Deity and Moral Perfection in Mark 10:18? Eric Lyons, M.Min. 5/1/2014
Did Jesus Dodge His Enemies' Challenge Regarding His Deity? Dave Miller, Ph.D. 5/9/2011
Did Jesus Go to Hell? Did He Preach to Spirits in Prison? Dave Miller, Ph.D. 1/1/2002
Did Jesus Lie to His Brothers? Eric Lyons, M.Min. 5/24/2010
Did Jesus Perform Miracles Or Not? Eric Lyons, M.Min. 11/22/2010
Did Jesus Rise “On” or “After” the Third Day? Eric Lyons, M.Min. 5/27/2004
Did Moses Make a Scientific Mistake? Wayne Jackson, M.A. 1/1/1998
Did Paul Write About Jesus as a Historical Person? Kyle Butt, M.Div. 2/8/2010
Discovering the Truth About “The Lost Tomb of Jesus” Dewayne Bryant, Ph.D. 5/1/2007
Faith, Evidence, and Credible Testimony Eric Lyons, M.Min. 12/5/2011
Genealogies and the Virgin Birth of Christ Eric Lyons, M.Min. 1/1/2002
How Could Jesus be God if He was Seen by Man? Eric Lyons, M.Min. 2/14/2005
How Rude!? Eric Lyons, M.Min. 5/27/2004
If He Were a Prophet... Kyle Butt, M.Div. 6/18/2007
Is Jesus Really Michael the Archangel? Eric Lyons, M.Min. 1/3/2005
Isaiah and the Deity of Christ Eric Lyons, M.Min. 5/21/2007
Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Worship of Jesus Eric Lyons, M.Min. 1/17/2005
Jesus Christ—The Same Yesterday, Today, and Forever Eric Lyons, M.Min. 12/22/2014
Jesus Christ--Unique Savior or Average Fraud? [Part I] Bert Thompson, Ph.D.
Kyle Butt, M.Div.
Jesus Christ--Unique Savior or Average Fraud? [Part II] Bert Thompson, Ph.D.
Kyle Butt, M.Div.
Jesus' Resurrection and the Life of a Christian Eric Lyons, M.Min. 1/1/2003
Jesus Seminar: No Hidden Agenda Trevor Major, M.Sc., M.A. 11/1/1994
Jesus Was Logical Dave Miller, Ph.D. 5/23/2011
Jesus Was Rational Dave Miller, Ph.D. 5/30/2011
Jesus, the Syrophoenician Woman, and Little Dogs Kyle Butt, M.Div. 9/25/2006
Jesus’ Claims to Deity Dave Miller, Ph.D. 5/1/2005
Jesus—Rose of Sharon Kyle Butt, M.Div. 1/1/2001
Lawsuit over Jesus Eric Lyons, M.Min. 2/6/2006
Listen While You Work Jeff Miller, Ph.D. 10/28/2013
Pillars of Faith DVD Series Completed Dave Miller, Ph.D. 3/1/2009
Question and Answer: What is “The Beast”? Eric Lyons, M.Min. 1/1/2006
Reasoning About the Resurrection of Christ Eric Lyons, M.Min. 11/1/2006
Reasons to Believe in Jesus Eric Lyons, M.Min.
Kyle Butt, M.Div.
Resurrected “Savior-Gods” and the Prophets of Old Eric Lyons, M.Min. 3/1/2006
Sam Harris, Christ’s Resurrection, and the Nature of Belief Kyle Butt, M.Div. 9/1/2009
Take Your Pick Eric Lyons, M.Min. 1/1/2001
The Benevolent, "Leavening" Influence of Christianity Wayne Jackson, M.A. 10/1/1997
The Case of the Empty Tomb Kyle Butt, M.Div. 1/1/2002
The Da Vinci Code and the Deity of Christ Eric Lyons, M.Min. 8/1/2006
The Da Vinci Code and the Uniqueness of Christ Eric Lyons, M.Min. 9/1/2006
The Da Vinci Code, the Sabbath, and Sunday Eric Lyons, M.Min. 10/1/2006
The Historical Christ--Fact or Fiction? Kyle Butt, M.Div. 1/1/2000
The Messiah--Person or Ideal? Wayne Jackson, M.A. 2/1/1997
The Miracles of Christ—Many and Varied Eric Lyons, M.Min. 9/15/2008
The Miracles of Jesus Kyle Butt, M.Div. 1/1/2001
The Non-Crucified Non-Saviors of the World Dewayne Bryant, Ph.D. 10/24/2011
The Only True God Eric Lyons, M.Min. 8/29/2014
The Passion and Antisemitism: Who Murdered Jesus? Dave Miller, Ph.D. 1/1/2004
The Predicted Messiah Kyle Butt, M.Div. 1/1/2006
The Real Mary Magdalene Eric Lyons, M.Min. 9/18/2006
The Resurrection of Christ as a Fact of Science Kyle Butt, M.Div. 8/1/2013
The Resurrection of Jesus Christ Kyle Butt, M.Div. 2/1/2002
The Unbelievers’ Examination of Jesus’ Miracle in John 9 Eric Lyons, M.Min. 4/6/2015
Was Jesus Ignorant? Eric Lyons, M.Min. 8/17/2009
Was Jesus Married? Dave Miller, Ph.D. 9/24/2012
Was Jesus Married?—Again Kyle Butt, M.Div. 12/8/2014
Was Jesus Unkind to the Syrophoenician Woman? Eric Lyons, M.Min.
Kyle Butt, M.Div.
What Did You Expect? Kyle Butt, M.Div. 1/1/2002
What Does it Mean to Say Jesus is the "Son of God"? Brad Bromling, D.Min. 7/1/1996
What Exactly Did Jesus Say? Eric Lyons, M.Min. 5/7/2007
What's So Important about JESUS' Resurrection? Eric Lyons, M.Min. 1/1/2004