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A Trip Through the Bible—DVD

A Trip Through the Bible-DVD

by Dave Miller, Ph.D.

More often than not, much of our Bible study is piecemeal. We receive a host of unrelated slices of the Bible spread out over many years—from the many sermons we hear, the Bible classes we attend, and the portions of the Bible that we read for ourselves. But putting it all together to get the big picture is a rare circumstance.



This Seminar:

  • Treats the Christian to a delightful, captivating trip through the entire Bible in a relatively brief period of time.
  • Allows the Bible student to fit years of prior Bible knowledge into a condensed, sequential narrative.
  • Enables the individual to make sense of the Bible stories, characters, and time periods by seeing them in the contextual flow of Bible history.
  • Avoids the usual dry treatment of history by recounting the message of the Bible in vivid story form.

3 DVD set containing 12 sessions with an approximate run time of 25 min ea.

A Trip Through the Bible—DVD - $15.00