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Dinosaur Poster: "Deers in the Forest" (Genesis 1:28)

Dinosaur Poster: "Deers in the Forest" (Genesis 1:28)

Artwork by Lewis Lavoie

Retail Price $7.00

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Most likely, when you picture a dinosaur in your mind, you don’t picture it alongside humans. Instead, you imagine what you have seen in pictures from childhood—pictures that were created by evolutionists. According to the Bible, humans and dinosaurs were created together on day six in an environment that was much different than the one portrayed by evolutionists. Also, according to Genesis 1:28, humans are commanded to “have dominion over” and “subdue” the earth and its living things. So, it is clear that there would have been interaction between humans and dinosaurs. “A picture speaks a thousand words.” It’s time our children were given more accurate portayals of how life on Earth with dinosaurs could have been. To that end, we have been authorized to print “Deers in the Forest,” one of the beautiful art pieces of Lewis Lavoie, who illustrated AP's kid's book Dinosaurs Unleashed, and have created a poster format with a relevant verse that can decorate a wall in your home.

2012, 24 x 36 inches

Dinosaur Poster: "Deers in the Forest" (Genesis 1:28) - $7.00