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Genetic Entropy & the Mystery of the Genome

Genetic Entropy & the Mystery of the Genome

by Dr. J.C. Sanford

Genetic Entropy and the Mystery of the Genome, by plant geneticist and Cornell University Professor Dr. John C. Sanford, is a powerful and focused examination of the “Primary Axiom” of modern science, which he defines as the concept that “man is merely the product of random mutations plus natural selection.” Dr. Sanford points out that many in modern science blindly follow this mantra without ever questioning the scientific validity of it. Using modern scientific data and his expertise as a plant geneticist, Dr. Sanford examines the premise that mutations and natural selection are responsible for the gradual development of genetic information found in all life forms. In the final analysis, Dr. Sanford clearly demonstrates that mutations lead to the degeneration of the genome rather than the generation of new features and sequences, which are required by the Primary Axiom. Ultimately, our genomes are subject to what Dr. Sanford calls “genetic entropy,” which cannot be overcome through any form of selection. According to Dr. Sanford, this evidence points to an intelligent origin for all genetic information. This book is a readable, scholarly examination of the Primary Axiom and an analysis of the modern interpretations of genetic information. It is a must-read for high school and college students as well as teachers, parents, and anyone invested in understanding the challenges faced in the interpretation of modern scientific information.

2014, 271 pages, paper

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