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Campaign: Capitol Hill - DVD

Campaign: Capitol Hill - DVD

It does not take one long to look around and see that our country is going further away from any moral standard that pleases God. No man can change this. No governor, no president, and no elected official can do the job of Jesus Christ and the Word. Therefore let us make an effort to change the situation. Eight faithful servants of the Lord made the journey to the steps of our nation's Capitol at the Lincoln Memorial and preached the unwavering truth before the country.



Speakers and topics:

Jake Sutton: Standing in the Gap (14 min.)
John DeBerry: Civil Government is Accountable to God (42 min.)
Keith Mosher: The Nation that Forgets God (26 min.)
Mike Swims: Abortion 41 Years Later (30 min.)
B J Clarke: Electing Godly Leaders (32 min.)
Chris Clevenger: God and the Family (25 min.)
Dave Miller: America's Spiritual Heritage (32 min.)
Rick Lawson: A Call to Repentance (35 min.)

2014, run-time: 3hrs. 46 min.

Campaign: Capitol Hill - DVD - $12.00