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Digger Doug's Underground (Episodes 01 and 02)

Digger Doug's Underground - DVD

(Episodes 1 and 2)

Digger Doug’s Underground is a children’s program based on the characters from our popular children’s publication Discovery magazine. For years, Digger Doug has been working with his good friends at Apologetics Press answering questions from young people all over the world. Now, the answers to these questions (and many more) have come to life on Digger Doug’s Underground. Join Digger Doug, Iguana Don, Sing-a-Long Sycamore, Professor Whitecoat, and the rest of the gang as they explore basic Bible teachings about God, His Word, and His amazing creation.

Episode 1—What About the Big Bang?

Episode 2—After Their Kind

Running time approximately 60 minutes

Digger Doug's Underground (Episodes 01 and 02) - $12.00

Product Pricing Tiers:
1-2: $12.00
3+: $6.00