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Does God Exist? (Book)

Does God Exist?

Editor, Dave Miller, Ph.D.

Can we know that God exists? Most people throughout history have believed in some concept of a Supreme Being. Granted, many have had a rather distorted understanding of Who that Being is. Nevertheless, the vast majority have been convinced there is a higher Power greater than man. Why? Regardless of many sub-motives, the fact is that the evidence points to His existence.

The faith spoken of in the Bible is a faith that is preceded by knowledge. One cannot possess biblical faith in God until he or she comes to the knowledge of God. Thus, “faith” is not accepting what one cannot prove.

Does evidence exist by which we can arrive at a knowledge of the existence of the God of the Bible”? Absolutely! And given the available evidence, faith is reasonable. That is why the psalmist declared: “The fool has said in his heart, ‘There is no God’" (Psalm 14:1). We must think rationally and go where the evidence leads. Will you give consideration to but a small portion of the voluminous evidence that points unmistakably to the existence of God?

Contributors: Kyle Butt, Jeff Miller, Dave Miller, Eric Lyons

2017, 195 pages, paper

Does God Exist? (Book) - $7.95