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Dismantling Evolution Seminar—DVD

Dismantling Evolution Seminar - DVD

Highlighting devastating flaws in the fundamental components of evolution.

by Joe Deweese, Mike Houts, Branyon May, Jeff Miller, and Justin Rogers

Cosmic evolution, which typically includes the Big Bang Theory coupled with Neo-Darwinian evolution, is the term used by many modern scientists to describe how the Universe came into existence and evolved into its current form in a purely natural way, without God. It is taught as “fact” by the bulk of the scientific community in classrooms around the country, even though it is riddled with rarely highlighted but devastating problems that prohibit it from being true. Join four scientists and a Hebrew scholar as they highlight fundamental flaws in cosmic evolutionary theory and build the true model of cosmic origins, which fits the evidence.


Session Topics and Presenters:

  • Evolution and Genesis 1—
    Does the Hebrew Language Allow for Evolution?
    ­—Justin Rogers, Ph.D., Hebrew Scholar
  • Where Did the Exploding “Cosmic Egg” Come From?—
    Dismantling the Naturalistic Origin of the Universe
    —Jeff Miller, Ph.D., Thermal Scientist
  • Is There Enough Time for Evolution?—
    Dismantling a Key Requirement of Cosmic Evolution
    —Mike Houts, Ph.D., NASA Nuclear Engineer
  • Examining Mutations and Natural Selection—
    Dismantling the Mechanism for the Evolution of Life
    —Joe Deweese, Ph.D., Biochemist
  • The Big Bang vs. Science and the Bible—
    Dismantling the Prominent Model for the Evolution of the Cosmos
    —Branyon May, Ph.D., Astrophysicist
  • Creation: An Alternative Model That Fits the Scientific Evidence
    —Jeff Miller, Ph.D., Thermal Scientist
  • Is Creation Scientifically Defensible?
    —Jeff Miller, Ph.D., Thermal Scientist

Dismantling Evolution Seminar—DVD - $12.00